6 Things You Should Never Tell Your Boyfriend No Matter What

Communication is the key to building a healthy relationship and wrong communication can destroy all what has been built. Being sincere and open with your boyfriend is recommended but there is an extent to which you can be open. Not to forget that men are known for their unpredictable ego and anger issues, a harmless statement about somethings might just provoke him or prick his ego so bad that it could lead to a break up or a wounded relationship. This is why you should never mention the things on this list to a boyfriend – current or intending.

1. That You Think His Ex Girlfriend Is A Bitch

No matter how much you know about your boyfriend’s ex, or whatever opinion you have about how bad she treated him, it would be a mistake to reveal how you feel about her to him. Any negative comment about a man’s ex, however accurate, is bound to be construed as jealousy or petty talk. So feel free to say all the trash you want to say about her while you’re with your friends, but don’t let it get to the ears of your man, as that will diminish his love for you.

2. That You Think Your Girlfriends Are Really Hot

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It’s never a bad idea to appreciate the hot legs, big bust and wide waist of your girlfriends, but once you mention to your boyfriend that you think one of your closest girlfriends is especially good-looking or that you suspect she’d be great in bed, you open the floodgates of his imagination. You practically invite him to beg you for a threesome or better still give him the opportunity to start imagining her in bed. Unless you want your man to cheat on you with your bestie, keep your thoughts about her sexiness to yourself.

3. That You Hate Your Body

Most ladies do not feel comfortable in their own skins and would want to do something to improve their body if given the opportunity. But when you constantly talk to your boyfriend about how you hate a certain aspect of your face or body, you accomplish two things: You draw your boyfriend’s attention to your physical flaws, and you poison yourself with toxic thoughts. You can make fun of yourself in a subtle way, but don’t make him see you as imperfect and not confident of your own body.

4. That Some Other Guy is Really Good In Bed

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Women like to talk about sex, especially oral sex and who’s good at it. When someone on your mental list of “best sex ever” comes up in a conversation, try not to mention the fact that he gave you the time of your life. That will create an atmosphere of awkwardness and will make your boyfriend think he ain’t giving it to you like he should. Don’t make him feel there is a sex record from the past that he has to break. As long as you are with him, he is the best.

5. That His Best Friend Has A Small Penis

No man will be happy to hear this, as it exposes the fact that you slept with his friend and is making fun of his manhood. If you happen to be privy to information regarding the penis size of any of your boyfriend’s closest male friends – either through hooking up with them yourself, or knowing someone who has, try to keep it to yourself. You don’t want to deliver the message that will make your boyfriend feel awkward in his buddy’s company because he’s sure to resent you for it. It’s smarter to let a man hold onto the dream that everyone he likes and admires is sufficiently well endowed up and down there.

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6. That You See His Dad In Him

90% of guys do not want to be like their father, no matter how wealthy he is. Growing up and seeing some of his flaws usually inspires sons to want to be better than their fathers. So you coming up with that line, thinking it’s a compliment might just piss him off all day. Even if you try to frame your appreciation of his old man’s looks as a compliment by adding that your boyfriend and his dad are built similarly, you’re bound to trigger some unwelcome thoughts that might lead him to resent you.