3 Tips To Prevent Saggy Br3asts After Br3astfeeding

5 Tips To Prevent Saggy Br3asts After Br3astfeeding

5 Tips To Prevent Saggy Br3asts After Br3astfeeding

If you are a br3astfeeding mother then you need to read this.

Most times br3astfeeding mothers complain about their br3ast droopy and saggy after br3astfeeding and dealing with the body changes that come with being a mother. Well, the good news is you can get that beautiful body of yours back after br3astfeeding and keep your br3ast from dropping.

Here are ways to restore your br3ast shape after br3astfeeding.

Eat right: One of the mistakes most nursing mothers make is cutting down on the level of saturated fat they take to aid post-pregnancy and this can lead to skin damage most especially around the br3ast which makes them lose their shape and elasticity due to stretching and straining while they are br3astfeeding. As a nursing mother make sure you eat right, eat foods rich in saturated fats like dairy products, eggs and meat as they will give you the right nutrition you need and restore your skin’s elasticity.

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Wean your baby off breast milk at the right age: To save yourself from sagging br3asts, don’t stop br3astfeeding your baby abruptly instead look for signs when you baby is ready to be weaned off, as babies grow they adapt to semi-solid foods and their crave for br3ast milk decreases. “So if you want to br3astfeed and save your br3asts from being damaged, reduce the number of feeds once you start weaning and once your child settles into a healthy meal pattern, limit br3astfeeding to once a day and gradually wean off”.

Hold your breasts while feeding: “To do this right, sit in a comfortable place with proper back support, if you want to feed your baby from the left side, let your baby’s head rest on the crook of your left arm, to be able to latch to the left br3ast, use your entire arm to support your baby’s tiny body next, with your right hand lift your left br3ast a bit. This will ensure that you don’t stain the br3ast tissues too much while your baby feeds satisfactorily”.