4 Things That Make Women Turn Down S*X 

As a guy, by now, you would have found out that it only takes a woman about half a second to change her mind from having sex with you to being out of there in less than a minute. Even if she is undressed and you think she is 99 per cent down for it. That 1 per cent can grow exponentially within seconds and surpass the “sure banker” 99 per cent.

If you’re lucky then she might tell you why she cancel the darn thing if not, you’ll continue to live with not knowing why she cancelled it despite how it seemed like you were so in there. To find out what are some of the things that can cause a woman to turn down sex with a man, we look a survey conducted among 2,000 people who freely revealed what they can dealbreakers when it comes to sex.
1. Blowjob

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while unclean Cleanliness is next to godliness. If you’re expecting to get head from her during your sexual encounter, you better be sure that your member is clean. So, if you’re back from work-out or a lot or running around, whipping out your Pen.!s and wanting to have it sucked is a big turn off, might derail the entire night. About 40 per cent said it is not cool to be unclean or dirty before oral sex. Get into the shower and wash yourself then maybe you may be get lucky and have your needs attended to.
2. Sex during period

Unless she wants to have sex during her period, it’s a no go area. About 30 per cent of the ladies surveyed echoed this reaction. sex during period is thought to be disgusting. Even sex in itself is thought to be an animalistic behavior by some group, bringing sex into period is a big no. While I have to admit, having sex and orgasm are good during sex, it helps relieve cramps among other things but like earlier in this article, if she doesn’t bring up sex. Do the decent thing, and let her be over and done with the period, then it can be sex time again.
3. Jerking off in her presence

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We cannot all be freaks, while for some ladies, having their partner tug at his own genital is incredibly sexy. For others, it is really disgusting and uncouth. If it’s a fantasy for you as a guy, then you should probably speak with her before doing that. Else, it might mean you aren’t getting any cookie that night. Better luck next time. Some ladies think there is no use self-pleasuring yourself if they’re there, which is why they may feel offended.

4. Watching Porn

where she is Not everyone believes in watching other people having sex together with their partner. Some ladies still believe it’s a private thing. 15 per cent of the respondents feel [email protected] is an individual thing. It’s fine if you want to watch porn but do it on your own time.