5 Ways to Build a Strong Relationship Without Having Sex

Most people confuse intimacy with sex or sexual attraction but it means way more than that. There are many ways to build an emotional connection with your partner and have a better understanding of each other rather than sexual intercourse.

Compiled by Beliefnet, here are 5 ways couples can have a sex-free relationship:

  1. Be Vulnerable: Opening up to your significant other shows vulnerability and allows for trust. Share your worst fears and your high hopes. Yes, you will be exposed, but you are now more willing to give yourself to someone that accepts you for who you are.

  2. Cook a Meal: Creating a dish together shows commitment and time spent. Create a full course meal with dessert included. Learn about each other’s tastes, as well as see how your lover prepares food. It can offer more insight into their personality.

  3. Keep Eye Contact: When you communicate with your significant other, look into their eyes. Maintain eye contact throughout the conversation. If you’re not used to speaking to someone while looking at them, this will help you to be more personal. Eyes can say more than words, and can be more intimate than the act of sex.

  4. Share a Dance: Deciding to sign up for that dance class? You will be palm-to-palm and chest-to-chest. Sway with your partner and feel the music.

  5. Pray Together: If you and your lover both share the same religion, or are spiritual, prayer can be a very intimate moment. It can create an even stronger, potent bond, as you share your worries, your blessings, and your love for your Maker.

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