7 Important features a Smart Phone must have

There are so many features to look at. Some phones might not have all the features listed below. Find out what features interest you the most and buy a phone with those features.

A long-lasting battery

You definitely want your phone to last for hours without worrying about where to charge it. When buying a smart phone, make sure it has at least 15 hours of talk time.

Fast Processor

Speed is one thing that cannot be taken for granted.  A slow processor will either make your apps lag or when swiping takes an eternity. You want to be able to click on an app and it happens within micro-seconds.

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Invest in a phone that keeps your memories alive and beautiful. A great camera is important for more than just great photos. You can use your camera for some surprising other things, like visual search. An effective way to find out the quality of a phone’s camera is by looking at test photos and videos.

Screen Resolution

Screen resolution is the amount of pixels in the screen. Therefore, a high resolution display enables you to see more on the screen with much more clarity and detail. When buying a phone, make sure the display has a resolution of 1280 by 720 or higher. AMOLED screens are the best option.

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Near Field Communications allows your smart phone to transmit data to other phones and tablets in the vicinity. It’s really handy for sharing pictures and music.


Most smart phones come with anywhere between 16 and 32 gigabytes of storage., which is just enough, especially with the introduction of saving in the cloud. Buy a phone with expandable storage and use cloud storage services to save space and money


It can be upsetting when you discover it cannot be used with other carriers. Don’t bother relying on flashing and unlocking, because doing such things are illegal. Buy an unlocked phone for more carrier flexibility and for travelling worldwide.

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