7 Nigerian Celebrities Who Are Not Your Usual Girly Girls

7 Nigerian Celebrities Who Are Not Your Usual Girly Girls

Some Nigerian female celebrities are not your usual girly girls. But rather than rejecting the label of tomboy, some of the sexiest celebrities have embraced it.

Tomboyish characteristics include some that are also considered extremely attractive, including confidence, fitness, and independence.

Here are 7 Nigerian celebrities who don’t dress for anyone but themselves.

1. Eva Alordiah

The rapper and singer is one who definitely started the whole tomboy look, bet she has a lot of influence from ciara. She started the whole mohawk trend amongst females celebs in Nigeria.

2. Cynthia Morgan

Cynthia always has a very fierce and rugged look and she is always rocking the boyish army rugged looks at all times, with her red weave signature.

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3. Saeon

This incredible rapper is definitely the most gangstarish out of this people on the list, from her attitude to posture to songs she just has this overly thumb boyish feeling.

4. Marvis

Marvis, former reality Tv star was the Tomboy of the house during the 2017 BB Naija reality Tv show. She has a signature hairstyle and couldn’t be bothered about makeup and all the issues other woman go through fashion wise.

5.DJ Lambo

The chocolate city disc jockey is one to admire for her fearless mind in rocking and dressing like a boy any time any day.

6. Angela Okorie

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7 Nigerian Celebrities Who Are Not Your Usual Girly Girls

From her tomboy roles to royalty roles, Angela Okorie is one popular name in the Nigerian movie industry.

7. Weird MC

Nigerian tomboy rapper Weird MC was one of Africa’s most popular female rappers and one of the few Nigerian female artists associated with Afrobeat.