7 things Only guys that are crazy in love do

7 things Only guys that are crazy in love do

7 things Only guys that are crazy in love do

When you find a man who effortlessly brings these things into your life, you’ll be flying in love without wings.

He’s happily in love and crazy about you.  (Shutterstock)

People still exist who enjoy the happiest relationships and there are still loads of men who aren’t scum.

Some men still love genuinely and treat women right. When you find one of these, this are some of the things you’ll recognise him by.

1. He listens

When your man is totally in love, he could listen to you talk forever.

Ok, maybe not forever because some of you actually talk a lot.

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But then, the point is that when a man pays attention to you and converses in the deepest manner with you; hearing your dreams and even senseless ramblings, he often does so out of a craziness about you.

2. Extra effort

That extra commitment, extra patience, extra sacrifice that is needed to stay together happily, he’ll effortlessly give it nine out of 10 times just to keep yáll together.

That man is crazy about you, ma’am.

4. Remembers the small things

Love is in the tiniest things that people do and of course the ones they pay attention to.

5. Consistently makes you happy

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Not just when it’s convenient and not just once in a while. He’ll make it habitual. It’ll look to you as if you’re in a bubble.

These types of relationships and marriages still exist. Don’t be fooled into thinking they don’t.

6. He trusts

And does so completely; staying off your phones and locked devices because some privacy is still necessary no matter how entwined your lives have become.

Couples that thrive understand the importance of trust and your man, because he loves you completely trusts you without reservations.

He is, of course, also trustworthy.

7. He exists

Perhaps this is the biggest thing to note.

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As much as people peddle scary, sad stuff about relationships and marriages these days and as much as the society truly reflects a scarcity of men like these, the truth remains that they do exist.

And it is not enough to desire one, you also need to be a woman who reciprocates his true love and deep affection with the same.