8 Solid Advantages Of Marrying An Accountant

Marrying an accountant is great
1. They are detail oriented
Now this may not be on the top of
your list of must-have qualities for
your ideal partner, but you will soon
start to see it pay off.
Whether it’s remembering your
birthday or when to test the smoke
detectors, dating a detail-oriented
person definitely has its advantages.
2. They clean up well
Maybe it’s not all that important, but you have to admit it’s nice being seen in public with a snazzy dresser. They have very good taste in clothing.
3. They’re reliable
There’s nothing worse than Marrying someone who is constantly letting you down.
You won’t have that problem when
you marry an accountant, being
reliable is in more than just their job
description; it’s in their DNA.
4. They’re wise investors
Remember, it’s an accountant’s job to detect liabilities and calculate risk, so they know a wise investment when they see one.
You should feel valuable knowing that an accountant chose you as a partner because they’ve likely weighed the risk and still found you well worth it.
5. They’ll help you become more
financially responsible
Having a money-conscious mind
always around you suddenly makes it harder to spend frivolously or make rash financial decisions.
You’ll probably discover that it’s not
just guilt holding you back from
splurging. There’s a good chance that some smart spending habits that have rubbed off on you.
6. They’re in it for the long-haul
Accountants are no strangers to
working long hours.
They’re used to putting in extra time
and forgoing sleep when a deadline
must be met, most accountants refuse to throw in the towel; when they make a decision, they’re committed to it.
She attributes her long, healthy
marriage partially to the dedication
she’s acquired from being an
7. They’re overly organized
Accountants work with many moving pieces to ensure financially flawless documents.
They never let things fall through the cracks, especially those things that others may put off or even forget.
“There is no doubt you can count on
us to be organized,” whether it’s
paying bills, meeting deadlines or
searching to find the best price
available before a purchase,
accountants are organized
8. They come in handy during tax
Most people would rather pull their
own teeth out than attempt to do their own taxes.
Only slightly less agonizing is footing the bill for someone else to do them for you.
Those who marry an accountant can bypass both of these situations because their significant other can take care of the dirty work.