ALI vs TYSON: The Better Fighter – Rev. Yomi Kasali

ALI vs TYSON: The Better Fighter - Rev. Yomi Kasali

There has been this debate of who the better fighter is between Muhammad Ali and Iron Mike Tyson. Some feel Ali indeed is the ‘Greatest’ not because he called himself the greatest but because of his style of fighting and winning. Others feel it is Mike Tyson because of the way he knocked his opponents out and how he became the youngest champion coupled with the most feared ever boxer in the world.

I like to take inspirations from such issues personally with deep spiritual insights into scriptures on how to Fight and be a Winner in life’s battles. We face challenges daily as believers and are fighters whether we love to or not. The scriptures tells us that our confession is a battle and we must fight this battle to WIN it not just be in the ring. …so who was the better fighter?

The Apostle Paul told us that we should be ‘Strong in the Lord and in the Power of His might for we wrestle not against flesh and blood…’ (Eph. 6 v 10). He also told Timothy that he should ‘fight the good fight of faith’ (1 Tim 6 v 12), because ‘he had fought the good fight’ (2 Tim 4 v 7). In fact he challenged the Church in Corinth on how to fight ‘so fight I not as one that beats the air’ (1 Cor. 9 v 26). God wants us to fight to win the battles of life not run from battles as some pray daily.

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So what is my opinion on who the greater and better fighter was between the two boxers and how can that be of instruction to us as we fight the enemy in life’s challenges? You must not give up in life or quit on God but continue to hold on to your confession of faith even in the face of apparent challenges, you must fight to Win and not beat the Air.


1. BE WIRED TO TAKE PUNCHES: Muhammad Ali was a better fighter in this regards. He was wired to receive punches than Mike Tyson, the heaviest puncher in Ali’s days was George Foreman and he threw so much punches in the battle called ‘Rumble in the Jungle.’ Ali stood his grounds and took them all, in fact he barked at him with these words; ‘Is that all you’ve got?’ Unlike Tyson who had not trained himself to take punches but to throw them, so when Evander Holyfield received so much of his punches and wasn’t knocked out, he became frustrated and bit the opponent’s ears. Learn to WITHSTAND PRESSURE IN LIFE.

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2. YOU HAVE TO THROW PUNCHES TO WIN FIGHTS: This is a very necessary evil in Winning battles of life. I have not seen any Winner who just takes the punches and is declared victorious without throwing punches. Judges count the punches thrown not received hence you MUST throw punches to win in life. Be willing to fight challenges, adversities and the enemy, some believers are afraid of throwing jabs and never win. It is like not scoring goals in the game of football yet want to win games.

3. OBSERVE THE RULES: I have keenly observed sadly that Believers don’t respect rules of engagements anymore and many leaders are adjudged winners through cheating. We have to observe rules in life to win. You cannot throw punches below the belt and expect to be celebrated, rather your points shall be deducted. Tyson bit someone’s ears and was disqualified after points were deducted. Ali observed rules and we call him the greatest today, he didn’t use drugs to enhance his performance, did not bite anyone and certainly did not punch below the belt. The Bible says we shall not be crowned if we do not observe the rules (2 Tim. 2 v 5).

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4. BE MAGNANIMOUS IN VICTORY: Muhammad Ali was known to have been magnanimous in victory most of the times after his fights. We have to also understand that it is important to show grace in victory and not pride. The Bible puts it this way, ‘having done all, to stand…’ (Eph. 6 v 13), and ‘let him that thinks he stands take heed lest he falls…’ ( 1 Cor. 10 v 12)

I hope you have been inspired by this piece.