Bad Girl: Maheeda Reveals What Turns Her On

Being married and having a daughter hasn’t stopped Maheeda from exposing her body and engaging it other sensual acts on social media before her teeming followers.

Whenever the name Maheeda is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is controversy, s*x and nudity.

The goddess of X and Naija Bad Girl as she is usually called isn’t afraid to go unclad constantly releasing nude photos of herself online and s*xually explicit videos but at the beginning of year 2017 the mother of one promised to sheath her wantonness and be more of a mother figure to her daughter.

Whether the Lasgidi Girl has wholesomely kept to her promise is a matter for another day, but her recent post on her Instagram page gives enough hint of her fidelity to her promise as she made public her preference when it comes to p*rnographic films.

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In the post, Maheeda, born Caroline Sam, owned up she loves watching p*rnographic films and explains the type that really suits her taste “ I love to watch p*rns, ” she says.

“And when I do, I find myself watching two ladies, or two ladies and a guy, it turns me on,” she added.

This declaration, as flimsy as it may sound may have confirmed the early suggestion by the singer that her s*xuality is not all straight. “If I say I’m a bis*xual, what would you say or think of me,” she had earlier posted.