Biafra, reason Northern youths back Igbo Presidency

Youths from the Northern regions, said they would back the Southeast region to produce the President of Nigeria in 2019, adding that it would weaken the agitations for a Biafra Republic in the country.

The declaration was made during their youth summit, at Arondizuogu in Imo State.

The groups include, Arewa Youth Forum, Arewa Youths Coalition for Peace, Northern Central Youth Club as well as Youths for One Nigeria, among others.

It was at this point, that the spokesperson of the Arewa Youths, Alhaji Haruna Waziri, revealed that the convener of the youth summit, Mr. Iheanachor Ezeakor, has been endorsed by the group for 2019 Presidency.

As part of the reason given by Waziri, was that with an Igbo man as a President of Nigeria, Biafra agitations would be slackened. While he was of the opinion that the peace and unity of the country, would be strengthened.

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He also argued that, “Today we are making history by endorsing a youth to run for the number one sit in Nigeria. Mr. Iheanacho Ezeakor is a youth who has cut the barriers of ethnicity and religion, a youth the Northern youths believe in, a youth who is a true Nigerian.”

“We do not believe in things not working out; we believe that this is time to change the narrative in Nigeria.

“This community, Arondizuogu is a place where democracy started in the country and that is why we are here today to correct all that have gone wrong.

“We made this statement in Enugu, Lagos and Abuja; today the climax of it all is taking place in Ezeakor’s village here in Arondizuogu.

“We took this step because our leaders have failed us; they are old and tired; we can do it because the youths contribute the major votes.

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“I personally campaigned for Buhari but we are not happy with him; the entire Northern youths are not happy with him, forget all the propaganda.”

He added that, “it is no longer about ethnicity or religion now; it is about who you have confidence in, Ezeakor is a detribalized Nigerian; we don’t want fanatics; we want a true Nigerian.”

Waziri was of the view that, Ezeakor, “victory will not only quel the agitation for Biafra but would further unite Nigerians, bring us together, whether you are from the South or the North; if you are a Nigerian, you are a Nigerian and you can practise your religion everywhere, that is what we want.”

Ezeakor who accepted to run for Nigeria Presidency, said he was not going to do that on the platform of PDP or APC, saying that the parties were for old politicians, that he was going to tell Nigerians soon the party to vie for the Presidency.

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He expressed surprise at the call by the Northern youths to contest for Nigeria Presidency and said he was aware of the task.

Ezeakor said: “So, I’m just acting as the catalyst, to motivate the youths; we are not fighting the government but we want them to understand that we have come of age.

“My own as the convener of Nigerian Youth Summit is to make sure that things will not remain the same because we can’t continue with the arrangement that youths are the leaders of the tomorrow.”