Davido did not fire his manager, he’s acting a movie


Life for Davido is one endless movie. A story filled with plots and sub-plots, which unfold scene after scene.

From shooting his music video, to hopping on the next flight down to some country for some performance, and Facetiming Young Thug, everything feels like he is shooting for a movie titled ‘Coolest Kid In Africa’.

And why not? Born with a very shiny silver spoon, the star has lived a movie from birth. His University education involved a hot chase across continents, before his father had to step in, whip out the cheque book, and make Babcock an offer that they couldn’t refuse. That’s how he got his first and only degree.

Since 2011 to 2015, that movie saw the young lad become one of the hottest acts in Africa. Song after song, move after move, through collaborations and beefs, he has ascended the throne, faced the bogeyman named Wizkid, fought off bad blood from his cousins, and made enough money on his own to tell the world to eat shit. To this day, the world keeps eating shit.

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Fatherhood has come in too, when he gave birth to the cute and bouncy Imade. But his relationship with Imade’s mum – Sophia – is feels like it is off a script on Telemundo.

He won that case too, climbing off his fame, he made Nigeria’s former presidential aspirant, Dele Momodu, his boy, and ridiculed the particulars of that case. He is Davido of course, and when you’re the ‘Coolest Kid In Africa’, things go your way.

Sony Music Entertainment were introduced into the movie in 2016. Now they are playing a big role, after making the star surrender his artistic freedom, for the love of money and the growth of his music business.

But that move has had its downsides. Months of inactivity made the movie a bit boring, as the singer went 7 months without new music. But an EP, “Son Of Mercy” did much to calm fraying nerves and send everyone back into the theatre watching, listening and analysing. It’s Davido of course.

All of this movie can be seen from too perspectives. You can decide to follow from a distance, and watch the news, or you can as well go take the front and personal seat by watching his Snapchat stories. Davido loves his Snapchat, and it is on that platform that he shoots this movie.

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It’s 2017, and Snapchat has made a return with some new content. The movie is back, and the roles are changing. Everybody’s, except Davido. This time he’s making promises about releasing singles, while lamenting the ‘international market’ and all the ‘extra’ they put on him.

“F**k all that international shit! It’s cool but f**k it. I am back to the basics”, the singer poured on SnapChat. “I am my own manager in 2017! Don’t put your life in another man’s hand,” he also announced.

The cameras are rolling of course, and the headlines have to be sensational: “Davido Quits The International Market, And Fires Kamal Ajiboye, His Manager!!!”

How shocking. How befitting. How nice.

But it’s all a movie. Petulance, and unguarded comments have been Davido’s major and sometimes enduring qualities. While it is cool on Snapchat to say ‘Fuck it’, and make the press run to the news with a new scoop, it’s also cool to know the basics of how these things work.

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Davido got into a legally binding deal with Sony Music Entertainment. That deal meant that money was exchanged, and everyone smiled home happy. The work has to be put in, and that ‘international market’, which can be both a blessing and a curse for artistes, will have Davido become a player. He has to deliver now, and for the future, his level of his involvement will then depend on the success of his forthcoming album.

As for Kamal, there’s no truth to the story. He is still right beside Davido, pushing him on, and keeping the business running.

There’s no classic theatrical artiste-manager beef. No departure from the big scene. Just a young man grappling with fame, money and fatherhood, who enjoys Snapchat a little too much, and understands that his life is a movie. Let’s humour him, and continue to be specta