For Guys: Ways to Make a Woman Org**m

Ever heard of “orbiting”? Don’t worry—we hadn’t, either. It’s when you make tiny circles on or around her cli**ris with your finger—and apparently, eight out of 10 women love it.

That’s just one of the many fun new facts we learned on OMGYes, a website that gives you access to videos of women demonstrating s*xual techniques they like.And that’s not even the best part—you also get to practice on a simulated cli**ris. And receive feedback. Yes, really.

Putting your hands to good use is important, since most women don’t climax through intercourse alone. In fact, only 18 percent of women report that intercourse alone is enough to make them climax, a new study in the Journal of s*x & Marital Therapy found. And 37 percent said they needed clitoral stimulation to reach their peak.

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So if you want to make it as good for her as it is for you, you might want to do a little learning about what generally works in the bedroom.

“We found that there are these patterns that people like—it’s not just random,” says cofounder Rob Perkins. “Yet those patterns have never been studied. And we learned that s*xual pleasure just doesn’t get research funding because it makes academics and research institutions uncomfortable.”

So Perkins and fellow cofounder Lydia Daniller partnered with Kinsey Institute researchers—the premier scientific organization focused on human se*uality—to conduct what he says is the first-ever large-scale study on which specific kinds of touch lead to a better climax in women.

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The data, collected from more than 2,000 women, reveals what feels good to them and why, says Perkins.

The super-realistic, touch-simulated cli**ris—also the first of its kind—takes the learning to a whole new (super hot) level.

Now, it’s important to note that while this program uses scientific data to provide its tips and guides, not all the techniques will work for all women. Your best bet? Use this simulation as a guide, and broach the conversation with her about what she likes best, and what she’s game to try. Then, you can determine together which of the new moves she considers keepers.