For Men: 5 ways to overcome shyness around women


It might appear that some guys just find it naturally, effortlessly easy to approach any woman of their choice.

For you, on the other hand, you get scared to approach any woman you find attractive, and no matter how easy it appears to just walk up to her, strike up a conversation and set the ball rolling,  you just never seem to know how to go about it.

Well, the five things listed below are just exactly the things you need to break free from shyness and get yourself the girl.

1.Focus on yourself and build confidence first

These things occur from inside out. When you build on your confidence and become surer of yourself and who you are and what you are capable of, you are about 55% above shyness and fear of approaching women.

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2. Women think differently

Have you not seen instances where a woman ends up with a guy who you, as a guy, thought she couldn’t ever end up with?

No matter how gorgeous and out-of-this-world she might look, she remains a woman, a human being like you.

Being scared that she won’t be interested in you, and growing timid for this reason is a very wrong move.

You never can tell what she wants, or what she finds attractive. Who says you are not the ideal image of what she wants?

3. Develop a rapport with women you are not attracted to

Try to become friends with as many women as possible. By doing this, you could learn how to relate with women without the pressure of trying to impress  or appear cool.

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When you successfully reach this level, you can be assured that somehow, you can hold a conversation with women without stress.

This will greatly simplify your task of talking to women in future situations.

4. Become boyfriend material

Now consider this: why are you shy? What exactly is the reason behind your fear and trepidation when it comes to approaching  women?

Could it be because you know that you are far from what that woman would want? Then work on yourself and become what a woman wants.

When you work on several aspects of yourself and get close to an image of what many women would want their ideal man to look like, a kind of boldness comes from this, and with boldness, your shyness melts away considerably.

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5. Rejection is part of the game

There are only two things that can happen when you ask a lady out. She either says yes or say no.

Ok. The manner of rejection could be embarrassing sometimes, but hey, it’s just that – rejection, and it’s totally acceptable.

When you get rejected, you move on and shoot your shot in another loop.

Winners do not quit, right?