Ladies: These Are The 5 Sure Signs Your Husband Is Cheating On You

Hopefully, this can give wives insight on their husbands who are unfaithful, so they prevent getting STDs [not authoritative though] .

The following are the signs:

1He stops eating your food: when your hubby no longer find your food interesting, even when it’s sweet, then there is a problem. He probably stops by at the mistress house to have his fill first.

2. No longer bothers you for sex: if you have a hubby that used to bother you for sex every night but suddenly stops, don’t be happy about that. Something is wrong. Men’s sexual urge don’t just die down like that.

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3. Comes home late: when he starts coming home late regularly under the excuse of a board meeting, know something is fishy. He probably has been introduced to something suspicious.
4. Undergoes clandestine activities: another clue is that, he will start doing some secret things. You noticed is phone has a code, he makes secret calls at night etc.

5. He becomes more loving: a naive cheater is usually guilty when he has committed the act. Hence, you notice him more loving and caring than before; probably as a retribution/atonement for their adulterous act.