Lady returns body she photoshopped, apologizes

Lady returns body she photoshopped, apologizes

Following the callout post Instagram user Olori Formular made about Olivet Timipere, who reportedly took her body and photoshopped her (Olivet Timipere) head on it, an apology has been tendered.

Olori Formular had taken a very beautiful photo-shoot of her curvy body and uploaded on her Instagram, only for a follower to take the photo, photo-shop her own head into it and then upload on her social media pages.

Olivia who disclosed that she had a discussion with the lady whose ‘body’ she took, further took the blame for the scandal. Her apology post reads;

This isn’t the only report of photoshop gone wrong. Before announcing the arrival of her baby, Kylie Jenner claimed that her “baby bump” was photoshopped in photos which surfaced online.

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The photos were originally posted on The Daily Mail, after being snapped by a site called X17 Online. In the photos, the reality star is wearing baggy clothing. According to X17 Online’s post, they claim that the photos were completely unaltered. “Guess what Twittersphere, cyberspace, Snapchatterers…they’re 100% REAL!” they stated. “No Photoshop, #nofilter, no additives, no preservatives — all organic and all REAL!”

Beyoncé also found herself at the centre of a photoshopping storm, after she posted two new images to her Tumblr. The photos were taken during her 33rd birthday, which was spent on a yacht with Jay Z.

However, the image in particular got everyone speculating over whether Photoshop or another image-altering app was used to slim down her (already perfect) thighs. There was also a visible distortion on the stairs just between Beyoncé’s legs, where the step appeared to tilt up at a diagonal angle. Distortions such as this, are pretty commonplace when photo-altering apps are used. The reflection on the side of the wall also told a different story, with the step appearing completely straight.

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Beyonce’s first photoshop attack, came after she shared a photo which had a distorted wine glass and phone around the side of her leg, and a photo of her playing golf during a family holiday on 2014.