Lizzy Anjorin Ends War With Saidi Balogun

Lizzy Anjorin Ends War With Saidi Balogun

Peace finally had a grip on Nollywood actors Saidi Balogun and Lizzy Añjorin yesterday after popular business mogul Oluomo of Ago Iwoye Femi Bakre and his wife Funke Bakre intervened and called the colleagues to order.

It could be recalled that for some days, its been hot battle of words between the actors especially from Lizzy Anjorin who claims that the older actor was deliberately sabotaging her efforts by making his event colliding with hers.

She swore to the heavens that she would teach Mr Saidi some lessons. While Saidi Balogun never really responded, he kept on promoting his show an indication that nothing was changing or better still, a sign of “do your worst”.

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The issue now is, the scuffle has been ended but has Lizzy really sheathed her sword considering that she still has to share that date with Saidi Balogun which will definitely affect her own event by no little means.

Well, for he sake of peace, we really hope we have seen the end of this battle!

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