Man Goes Into Bush To Hunt For Rabbits, What He Ends Up Discovering Will Shock You (Photos)

A man who was on a mission to hunt rabbits in the bush, has ended up discovering something really shocking.

According to a report by Daily Star, a horrified hunter discovered twin babies dead in a suitcase by a ditch bank, it has emerged.

Cops have launched a massive probe after the grim discovery last Friday.
Tests are underway to establish how the children died and the results of an autopsy are expected today.

A man hunting rabbits first saw the dead babies near the town of Wynne, in Arkansas, and alerted authorities.
People living in the small US community have been left shocked.

One resident Alice Cummings, who lives near the ditch, said: “It’s just horrible.

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“If they didn’t want them, all they had to do was bring the babies to the hospital, somewhere, but not put them in the suitcase.”

Another resident Lythia Jones said: “I don’t know what type of person could do a thing like that.

“You know, I sure hope they find that person.”

The Sheriff’s office has not disclosed the s*x or race of the twins.

It is unclear whether they died before or after they were placed in the suitcase and dumped next to a county road.

See another photo below:-