Married Businessman Takes Selfie With His Unclad Younger Lover In South Africa

A man is in the news for the wrong reason after taking a selfie with a stark unclad lady. According to reports, the man is question was reported to be a former politician and businessman who is married but decided to take a selfie with his younger lover in an unclad state in South Africa.

It was gathered that the image was accidentally put on Facebook by a woman said to be from the Vaal, South of Johannesburg. The woman later deleted the image from the her Facebook page.

Yesterday, Daily Sun spoke to the purported selfie taker but he insisted the Hot man in the picture was definitely not him. He described the picture as disgusting.

“I am aware of the allegations relating to the picture that has been circulating. I have seen the picture but it is definitely not me,” he said.“I don’t know what the intention was for the circulation of the picture, but it could be one of two things.

“I’m a businessman so someone in my business life may have circulated the picture to destroy me. “It may also be certain individuals in my political rival groups with the intention of tarnishing my name in politics.”

There’s no doubt that the picture of the two Unclad people was definitely taken by the man himself, using a selfie stick.

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