[News] World Mosquito Day: Obaseki Urges Sustained Effort To Fight The Menace

World Mosquito Day: Obaseki Urges Sustained Effort To Fight The Menace

World Mosquito Day: Obaseki Urges Sustained Effort To Fight The Menace

Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has urged scientists, health workers and governments across the globe to join hands together in the fight against malaria since the discovery that female mosquitoes are responsible for spread of the ailment between humans.

This he said in commemoration of the World Mosquito Day celebrated across the world in honour of Sir Ronald Ross who discovered that female mosquitoes are responsible for transmission of the disease between humans.

Obaseki said that efforts to curb the malaria scourge has recorded impressive result in Edo State, following the aggressive distribution of insecticidal nets across the state, pledging to exceed the previous distribution figures.

He however stressed that much more work is needed by relevant stakeholders to bring succour to millions of people who are at risk of the disease.

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He said the state government is revamping the primary health care sector in the state to respond to the needs of the people, and to ensure necessary infrastructure is available to combat ailments such as malaria in rural areas.

According to him, “As we mark World Mosquito Day, it presents another opportunity to reflect on the successes and failures recorded over the years in the fight against malaria. Scientists and governments have worked hard to deliver the drugs to millions of people and in containing the disease.

“However, in the light of discoveries that the disease is resisting earlier proven remedies, there is need for sustained action and doubling of efforts by all concerned stakeholders. So, researchers, health workers and governments who have worked to reduce the impact of the disease are called upon to do more, to save more lives.

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He noted that the state government’s campaign to revamp the state’s health care sector will ensure that the people are better prepared and receive adequate health care services.

He explained that the state’s health insurance cover, which will soon come into force, will help ameliorate the effects of mosquitoes’ bites and the spread of malaria, as well as make health care affordable and accessible.

The World Mosquito Day, is observed on 20 August every year, which marks the day British doctor, Sir Ronald Ross discovered in 1897 that female mosquitoes transmit malaria between humans.

The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine leads the commemoration with exhibitions, among other activities