On to the Next One! See who Davido is Beefing again…??? [Video]

On to the Next One! See who Davido is Beefing again...??? [Video]

Just days after Ikechukwu and Terry Tha Rapman kicked off the year with their own issues, It seems Davido vs D’banj will be the latest beef of 2017.

On Wednesday, January 11, 2016, legendary Nigerian DJ Jimmy Jatt released the video to his song Orekelewa ft Davido. This is normal right? Until you get to the part where Davido appears to throw clear shots at D’banj.

Here are Davido’s exact lyrics:

“dem dey ask say what is the koko

I tell am say owo ni koko

Him still think say na em be koko gerrarahere”

Now Davido did not actually mention D’banj’s name, but any follower of Nigerian music would know that using the slang Koko, Omo baba Olowo could well have called D’banj’s full name.

Why a young upstart like Davido throwing shots at a veteran like D’banj remains to be seen. But could it be that D’banj threw the first shots when he said he was the one that paved the way for other Nigerian act that are now signing international deals in his song Focus?

It’s looking like 2017 will be a very ‘hot’ year.

Watch the video below:

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