Oyedepo to Buhari: Resign, get out of office: Nigerians react

Oyedepo to Buhari: Resign, get out of office: Nigerians react
Nigerians have taken to social media to react to Bishop David Oyedepo’s statement that President Muhammadu Buhari should resign.
According to the general overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, aka Winners’ Chapel,President Buhari should over persistent killings by Fulani herdsmen.
In a YouTube video posted by the church’s official page, Oyedepo was heard saying:
“Enough is enough, When I was talking in 2015, people were saying my own was too much, now everybody can see what’s happening. What has moved forward in anybody’s life? You don’t know it’s war. Why are they attacking the Christian communities? Why has nobody been arrested? I can tell you this, the authorities and the powers that be are behind them.
The most honourable thing for any non-performing leader to do is to resign. The most honourable thing is to resign. That’s my own for Mr President. Resign! Get out of office! Even our Islamic friends in the North are calling on him (Buhari) to resign. Because that’s the noblest thing to do. Or are we going to look at one system destroy a whole nation?”
See reactions from NigeriansOyedepo and other CAN who were beneficiaries of free yams under Mr.Hero are angry cos no more free monies and tithes intakes has gone down
— Baba Abbey (@TAIWOISAACABIOD) July 24, 2018
The yahoo yahoo pastor is missing free govt cash and waivers, Oyedepo is a fraud and I said so.
— Lefty against rogues. (@kakra68) July 24, 2018
The President is doing its best to make sure things work well. Bishop Oyedepo should know how things work in this country, he is not a baby to this. I respected him a lot but with this kind of comments, I don’t know again.
— Proud Mary (@mary_marysimon) July 24, 2018
Let me Shake the table small” Bishop Oyedepo has five jets, it takes 1,500$ to park one jet indoors perDay (45,000$ month) & 1000$ on Tarmac per Day” Do the maths- Seun Fakuade.. but PMB is the problem.. @Ayourb@Mr_JAGs@iameneji
— IBRAHIM MOHD (@ibrahim_dalibi) July 22, 2018
Be a good man not enough to lead a nation.
Bishop Oyedepo.
Sir, why not advice GEJ when you are together in Power ruling the nation.
— Tajudeen Olaniyi (@tajudine2013) July 22, 2018
I dare Muhammadu Buhari to lay a hand on Bedshop @DavidOyedepoMin for speaking the truth to him. He tries it and he meets his Waterloo! Bishop Oyedepo is right in asking @MBuhari to resign and GO. This is a failed leadership that has brought little beside sorrow, tears and blood!
— Reno Omokri (@renoomokri) July 24, 2018
A true man of God will go on his kneels and pray for a better Nigeria than use words to cause chaos and wahala in the country.I read the Bible and the Bible does not support those who does not want peace for our own Jerusalem.Bishop Oyedepo should change for good.
— IMOLEAYO (@0ne_Mole) July 24, 2018

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