PDP: Buhari’s ‘friends’ have invaded NNPC, NPA

Owing to President Muhammadu Buhari’s delay in making appointments, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is alleging that his cronies have invaded – with an intent to pilfer– key government agencies such as the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA), and the Federal
Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).

The PDP stated that no amount of intimidation, blackmail and propaganda by the presidency would stop it from standing shoulder to shoulder with Nigerians in demanding that President Buhari kick-starts government and
commences implementation of his campaign promises for which he was voted into office.

The party described the presidency’s excuse of clearing the Augean stable as “lame and diversionary”, and stood by its earlier statement that the delay was “creating loopholes through which some persons claiming closeness to the president had infiltrated executive bodies, arm-twisting and conniving with unscrupulous elements in the bureaucracy to syphon the nation’s resources in the last 30 days”.

Olisa Metuh, who released a statement on behalf of the PDP, said the party would not in any way be cowed by threats and wild allegations by the presidency into abdicating its responsibility of speaking out as an
opposition party where the system was

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“The PDP and indeed all well-meaning
Nigerians were appalled by the response from the presidency regarding our call for prayers to enable President Muhammadu Buhari-led APC administration locate its bearing, compose a government and halt the prevailing stagnation with its huge negative impact on the system,” he said.

“Instead of addressing the issues raised, the presidency descended to insults, abuses and innuendos, a stance which not only bears out the case made by the PDP but also raises questions about the capacity of this administration to shoulder the enormous responsibility of governance.
“While we expect the present administration to be serious about the fight against corruption, probe and persecute each and everyone involved in such, irrespective of their party leaning, we restate that these must be done within the ambit of the law and must not be used as a witch-hunt ostensibly to discredit and undermine the opposition. We therefore caution against the current drama of politicizing the issue of corruption in the country.

“Furthermore, the analogy of the Augean stable, is completely baffling to us at this level, as it goes to a great length to question the capacity and the sincerity of those around the president. In Greek mythology, Hercules, in his
ingenuity, took the task and efficiently cleared the Augean’ stable in a day for which he demanded a reward of a tenth of fine cattle belonging to the king.

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“Nigerians would not want to believe that in the so-called clearing of the Augean stable, although not delivering in one day, President Buhari wants to play Hercules in his demand, this time, by wanting to run the government alone without the statutory components of the
executive as enshrined in the constitution.

“We ask, is the so-called clearing of mess responsible for his inability after 90 days of winning an election to make up his mind on rudimentary appointments such as secretary to the government of the federation, chief of staff and his demand for 15 special advisers as approved by the PDP-controlled seventh assembly since June 5, 2015?

“Perhaps we need to draw President Buhari’s attention to the fact that while he is busy clearing his imaginary mess on the pages of newspapers, some persons claiming closeness to him have in the last 30 days been piling up
sleazes that also need his attention in key agencies of government.

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“Despite the absence of approving and
supervising officials, key income-generating institutions like NNPC, NIMASA, NPA, FIRS and other strategic agencies have been invaded by persons claiming to be friends and associates
of the president and this puts to question the sincerity and seriousness of the administration to affect the so-called change upon which they rode to power.

“Auxiliary to this is the issue of the
construction of a helipad, amongst various expenses and other major government expenditure going on across board in the last one month and without due supervision as thebeyes of the president cannot be everywhere.

“We declare unequivocally that we do have respect for the person and office of the president, especially considering his age and status as an elder statesman. However, we will like to make it very clear that the President of
the Federal Republic Nigeria is neither a
Sherriff in the Old Wild West nor a military dictator in some Banana Republic. He is an elected president under a democratic setting.”