Photos: 13 Things iPhone Users Say That Android Users Know Nothing About


iPhone users are tagged someway bi. Oh yes! You said it too before probably joining the gang.

There is always a battle between iOS and Android user. Those on Android normally claim the iPhone operating system is complicated.

iPhone users also try to establish the fact that iOS is the best thing that happened to a smartphone.

The iPhone operating system has some exclusive features that Android fans can’t think far about. Here are 10 iPhone users language that make Android users confused than probable.

1. Siri


This is a personal assistant for iPhone users. Search for contacts, send emails, reminders and even write your messages. Siri can’t cook or wash your clothes, though.

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2. Air Drop


Just imagine sending pictures and videos … through the air. Yes. Just air

3. Apple ID


Nothing much. Just your ticket to using the AppStore, iTunes and iCloud. However, you need it!

4. AppStore


Basically the same as PlayStore. Just that it has more apps

5. iCloud


Imagine saving all your photos, videos and documents in the cloud. Access them whenever you want. You need internet and you also have to buy the amount of space you need in the cloud after your free space.

6. Lightning Cable


Don’t get confused. It’s just a charging cable. Simply … cable!

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7. Safari


This is not a desert. No! It’s a browser. Just like opera mini, firefox and the likes

8. FaceTime


Video chatting app like Skype. Only exclusive to Apple products

9. BedTime


Tells you when to sleep and when to wake up. Basically your Ghanaian parent

10. Night Shift


Your phone changes screen to make you sleep better, Apple says

11. iMessages


A message app for iPhone users. Like WhatsApp with more features

12. iTunes


Music, music and more music

13. Apple Pay


This is not Apple giving you some cash every month. It is a digital wallet and mobile payment system