Psquare Reveals Why They Quit Going To Church Since 2007


Psquare Brothers, Peter and Paul
Okoye have revealed they called going
to church quit in 2007.
Despite their penchant for fasting and
prayers, they have not been going to
church for close to a decade, but they
insisted the action has not affected
their close relationship with God, and
is also not a result of arrogance.
According to reports online, the
Okoye brothers said they tried their
hands on a couple of churches in
their various area of residence but
had to put an end to it after
congregations kept focusing on them
rather than their maker.
“Each time we attend, other
worshipers would not listen to the
Pastor’s sermon again. All eyes will
just be on us. Instead of praying,
some people will even decide to be
starring at us. We were not
comfortable with that and thought
we were distracting a lot of people
from serving their God, so we said
to ourselves that we should stop
going. All men are equal before
God, so we don’t encourage people
to abandon their primary purpose of
being in church because of us.”
Wise Decision or Stupid One?
For me, I think its a very wonderful