Read What Stella Damasus Has to Say About the Murder of “Bridget”


Actress, Stella Damasus has joined numerous Nigerians to call for justice for Mrs. Bridget Agbahwe, who was beheaded in Kano yesterday for alleged blasphemy. Damasus in series of tweets said that the people, who committed the crime are not Muslims, but murderers that want to start religious war in the country.

“Those people who killed Bridget are not Muslims. They are bloody murderers who should be brought to justice. #JusticeForBridget. Religion should not be used as an excuse to kill in this century. They have to be caught and punished #JusticeForBridget.

“Some evil men want to cause a religious war in this time when Nigeria is facing so much. #JusticeForBridget.

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“We should not be tempted to retaliate because the real Muslims are not in support of this. #JusticeForBridget. The perpetrators are not even worthy to be called Islamic extremists. They are frustrated killers who need to be taught the lesson of life.

“Let us keep praying and talking about this till justice is served #JusticeForBridget. Nigeria cannot be a country that will be known to accept murder regardless of the reason. #JusticeForBridget,” she said.