SHAME: See What this 70 Year Old Man Did to This 8 Year Old Girl

The police in Igbogbo Police Division, Ikorodu, Lagos State, has arrested a 70-year-old school proprietor, Isaac Iniasek, for allegedly raping » an eight-year-old pupil in his school, Brighter Glory School, located at 31, Eturenren
Street, in the area.

It was learnt that Iniasek carried out the sordid act on the fateful day after school hours when he told the girl to stay behind and clean his office. While the primary three pupil was doing the assigned task, Iniasek sneaked into the office, pounced on the girl, tore her
panties and proceeded to defile her .

According an aunt of the victim, her friend and her younger sister who waited for her so that they could leave together, decided to check the office to see what was keeping her that long and were shocked to find the grand father on top of the girl.

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“Immediately they entered the office, the proprietor ran out of his office, while the girl was bleeding profusely from her
private part.  They raised the alarm which attracted others. When we got
to the school, the girl was still in a pool of blood. We took her to a private hospital where it was confirmed that she was defiled. They showed us the semen which was brought out from her private part.”

Residents of the area were however, not suprised, saying it was not the first time Pa Iniasek was caught in the act. A woman who said she had to stop her children from attending the school said:
“A similar incident had happened in the school. The owner of the school was said to have inserted his finger into the
private part of some girls.”