TATAFO GIST: Guys Lets Talk,See The Funny Employment Letter A Frustrated Graduate Wrote To A Company


This is just for Fun…

Imagine you own a Company and
someone wrote this kind of letter below. to you, What Reply will you send to such person?

Read the Later below:-

I hereby refer to the recent death of the technical manager at your company,and hereby apply for the replacement of the deceased manager.

Each time I apply for a job I always get a reply that no vacancy, but in this case I hv caught you red-handed ooh yes korokoro and you have no excuse cos I even attended the funeral to be sure he was actually dead and buried before

Attached to my letter is a copy of my c.v, his death certificate and his coffee picture.

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thank you and I look forward to your by force approval.

Yours sincerely,


What Reply will you send to such
person? Drop your comment.