TATAFO GIST: Koko Master D’BANJ revealed the reason why he is unmarried


Popular Nigerian singer, D’Banj has revealed why he has remained unmarried and without a child at 35-years old.

The energetic singer, who doubles as ONE ambassador in Africa, has disclosed that his career as a musician and his brand as an entertainer has been responsible for his single status at the age of 35.

‘I had always thought I would have a child before the age of 30. That fantasy did not become a reality because I wanted to strengthen my brand,’ he said during a recent chat with The Punch.

Sadly accepting his status at 35-years old, D’Banj further said, ‘While growing up, there were some goals I set for myself and at 35; I have accomplished most of them. Sadly, I have not accomplished the primary goals. The main one is marriage. By now, I thought I would have been married.’

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The Kokomaster was however quick to reel out the laudable achievements that has made it impossible for him to get married and have kids at 30.

‘I didn’t know I would meet Kanye West while I was dreaming big as a child. But I dreamt that I would go places and people would hear my song all over the world. I also dreamt that Caucasians would dance to my music.

‘I dreamt I would top music charts across the world and all that has happened. I have dreamt of performing in front of thousands of people on a global stage and I have achieved that. For all these I am grateful to God,’ he reeled out.