TATAFO GIST: Nollywood Actress “Ayo Adesanya” Reveals ‘Why she celebrated her 20th anniversary on stage at orphanage,’

Nollywood actress, Ayo Adesanya » has revealed why she celebrated her 20th anniversary in movie industry at an orphanage.

She was joined by few friends, close colleagues and son as she merry with children and members of staff at the Royal Diamond orphanage.

Taking to her Instagram account, where she shared pictures of the event, Adesanya said, ‘ So I decided to do a give back as a way to say a big thank you to God for his goodness in my life for these 20 past years so I invited friends and fam and off we went to orphanages.’

Continuing, she wrote, ‘ We cried we smiled we prayed we glorified God…awesome time we had.

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The prayer session…God you are awesome…only you will I praise…you are always a good God. Glad I came..my spirit was lifted and I could glorify God on an on….now I understand why he has kept me thru these wonderful years…life is full of challenges but with God you will always overcome them. ‘