TATAFO NEWS: Jonathan’s Aides afraid of Buhari, Returns Stolen Money

According to the investigation carried out by Leadership, some officials of the immediate past administration of Goodluck Jonathan have started returning assets taken while in office.

The move purportedly followed Buhari’s repeated claims that those involved in public funds embezzlement would be idnentified and punished.

The report contains that a set of senior officials were secretly returning vehicles, furniture and generator sets back to Aso Rock where they had been previously taken from.

A source from the presidency, who pleaded for anonymity, disclosed that since Monday, August 17, Jonthan’s men had been calling to explain that some of the government properties had been taken by their relatives or aides without their consent.

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The source noted, however, that despite their last-moment attempt to avoid being probed by the government, the officials would still need to reasonably explain their actions.

“Throughout today (yesterday), we have been receiving calls from some of the former aides and officials of government who claim that whatever was still in their possession were taken and were being kept either by their families members or personal assistants.

“Some even claim that they were aware that their family members were still living in government buildings while they were away in their hometowns, or abroad where they are on vacation. But their explanations amount to nothing but medicine after death. Whether they return the property or not, they must face the law because what the president is angry about is the action itself.”

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When asked about the names of those involved in the incident, the source said:

“We have the names of most of them on ground already. What the committee is doing at the moment is to ascertain whether due process was followed before they took the property as their personal possessions.

“Once discovered that they did not buy them in line with the monetization process initiated by former President Olusegun Obasanjo, they will still be prosecuted.”