TATAFO NEWS: See the Female Boko Haram Member who was a Nigerian Soldier


A video has surfaced online about an alleged Boko haram member disguised as a woman who actually is a Nigerian soldier.

Sahara Reporters believe this was a ruse of the former Goodluck Jonathan administration to score some points in order to win the presidential elections.

 Former NSA Sambo Dasuki had earlier in the year made a case that the elections should be postponed following the insurgency in the Northeast.

Days after the elections was postponed, the military began an offensive against the insurgents and some pictures were released of Boko Haram members arrested and their weapons seized. This man’s picture according to Sahara Reporters was also among.

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The military had claimed that the man was an insurgent captured after a fierce operation led by the Nigerian Air Force.

But a 10-minute video clip of the man’s interrogation showed the man clearly revealing that he was a soldier. During what appeared to be a debriefing session with an officer who was taking notes, the man explained that he had been in hiding after Boko Haram fighters overran his military post. He had been in hiding until Nigerian soldiers and Air Force liberated his hideout.

 Although the unnamed soldier wore women clothes, he also had his army uniform on his lap during the interrogation. Throughout the interrogation, the man spoke in pidgin English. He told his interrogators about the might of Boko Haram fighters and described how members of the sect moved their families from the scene of a recent bombing. At a point he expressed surprise that, despite the movement of Boko Haram fighters in long convoys, the insurgents were never subjected to aerial bombardment by Air Force jets.

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The soldier appeared to plead with the senior officer debriefing him at the end of the video, which had apparently been edited for clarity and brevity.

The military is yet to comment about the issue.