TATAFO SPECIAL: 5 Irritating Male Behaviors That Ladies Can’t Put Up With


No matter how perfect a man may seem, there are certain attitudes that puts off his lady.

Many women are baffled when it comes to understanding male behavior. However, there are certain patterns of behavior that are nearly universal.

Below are some irritating male behavaviours:


According to research 99% of men are naturally flirtatious. Unlike women, men easily go with the flow but this causes a lot of trouble discomfort in the relationship and borders on infidelity.  However a man’s flirtatious can be very annoying but it should not be mistaken for cheating.


Some men find it very difficult to keep to their promises hence it makes them appear untrustworthy. Although they try to make commitments, but they can hardly follow through.

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Men are naturally possessive in nature and can be very domineering too. Some men think a woman is an object of ownership and they want control of her every action, attitude and moves.


It takes a man a lot of conscious effort not to be insensitive. Men are not as sentimental as women hence they overlook most of the important events in their woman’s life. For example, a woman keeps tag of everything that happens, she can even remember her first kiss but men hardly keep up with all of those.


Men usually procrastinate and postpone things to later when in reality they can easily get done with it and move on. For example a man finds it difficult to change his sheets except his lady is coming around.