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TATAFO SPECIAL: 6 Ways to Make Him Better in Bed – Must See For All Ladies


Here are some s*xy ways to help him improve.

1. Have him watch you m*sturb*te — and make yourself come: It’ll show him just what you’re like right when you’re on the edge and also hopefully clue him into all your “tells” when you’re enjoying something. If he knows what you’re like when you really org*sm, he’ll try and replicate that on his own.

2. Bring a vibr*tor into it: Try to find something relatively inconspicuous (bullet vibr*tors are nice and small) and show him how to work it on your cl*t during s*x. Or just place it there and sandwich it between your bodies so it works for both of you.

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3. Propose a little BD-SM where you’re in control: If he’s into it, tie him up and tell him exactly what you want him to do to you. He won’t think twice about your instructions if it’s part of a s*xy game.

4. Take his hands (or his bu-tt) and guide him: Show, don’t tell. It’s true of storytelling and also s*x. Actively helping him feels s8xy, as opposed to awkwardly trying to tell him what to do with bad dirty talk.

5. Watch p*rn together, and make sure to queue up a few clips of things you want to try: “Do you want to f#*k me like that?” while the two of you watch a scene of a couple going at it c*wgirl-style is always a hot way to request trying something different. ​

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6. Bring him into a different room for s*x: He has his go-to bedroom s*x moves down, but if you’re in a new environment, you’re going to have to get creative. Use it as an opportunity to try new positions (d0ggy-style bent 0ver the kitchen counter?) or angles that work better for you.