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TATAFO SPECIAL: For those that don’t know how to change imei on Android phones, see explanation With Photos

Am gonna first teach u guys how to tweak imei on Android phones before posting cheats

Download and install MTK Engineering Mode from play store.

1. Open it and click on MTK Settings

2. Then wipe your screen to left site to0see Connectivity options.

3. Scroll down to CDS Information and tap on it.


4. Then  look for Radio Information


5. After clicking on Radio Information, you will select either phone 1 or phone 2


6. Click on phone 1. If you want to
change your sim1 or sim 2.
Then you will see something like this :


7. Type any letter in the search box after AT+ and delete the letter you typed and then, choose;

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8. For Phone 1:
“AT+EGMR=1,7,”YOUR NEW IMEI NO” (make sure you put a space between AT +EGMR)

For Phone 2:
“AT+EGMR=1,10,”YOUR NEW IMEI NO”(make sure you put a between space AT +EGMR)

9. Insert the imei that you are tweaking inside the last aprostophy
Like this: AT+EGMR=1,10,”42356852658256″

10. After that, Put a space infront of =before 1

11. After that, select SEND AT COMMAND. You will see a message “AT Command Msent”

12. After that, On flight mode and off it, minimize it nd dial *#06# to see if d imei has changed

NOTE: if d imei doesn’t change, u will have to restart your phone