TATAFO SPECIAL: Guys be wise! 6 Things A Man Should Never Do To Impress A Lady


Its no doubt that we men have been made to think that we must always do anything possible to impress the female folk. I’m not against a guy loving his babe, I’m against a guy doing silly things in order to impress a lady.

The truth is that most times, these actions come back to haunt us while, we get to regret at the end. In our usual ways, warritatafo.com brings you 6 things a man should never do to impress a lady. Read below

1. Consuming too much alcohol:

Most guys are guilty of this especially when trying to woo a lady or when taking her to bed. This is wrong in so many ways: it will damage your health, its a temporary measure, you most times end up misbehaving and its not a guarantee that you’ll succeed in wooing or performing well in bed. Besides,
the lady will know that you took something and that you lack confidence and esteem. Be yourself.

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2. Spending above your means:

Whether its buying things you don’t really need in order to look rich and fly, or spoiling the lady with things you normally should not be buying. Its wrong. I see a lot of guys do this and I keep wondering to what purpose? The worst is many of them come back
to their senses when its already too late!

3. Lying:

I’m not talking about the small lies guys normally tell, I’m talking about bragging to a lady about what you’re not. Why tell a lady your father is Dangote’s brother, or you’re a Chelsea player, or you work in Shell. This will make her have high expectation from you which you would be trying to live up to.

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4. Badmouthing your fellow guys:

Maybe a guy that is also coming after her. Its wrong for a guy to maltreat his fellow in any way because of a lady. Whether its badmouthing, fighting or
quarelling with him, its not worth it.

5. Giving up your values and beliefs:

Maybe you’re a committed Christian or Muslim, you start backsliding or become uncommitted because
she told you to. You start to abandon your loved ones and family, your studies begin to nosedive and even
your job sef, you become unserious. Its a very silly thing to do because when the chips are down, those are the only things that will get you going- God, your
family and loved ones and your job which will put food on your table.

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6. Pretending to be who you’re not:

there’s no need to pretend to be a bad guy if you’re not. There are still ladies who values good guys. U don’t need to force yourself to seem confident if
you’re a shy guy. People will know you’re just acting it up.