TATAFO SPECIAL: How To Stop Funky Smells Down There


You’re surprised, aren’t you? The penis can actually smell funky. The smell is a combination of a variety of factors surrounding the scrotal region. The area surrounding the groin is an environment with the right factors to encourage unpleasant odours. The temperature of the groin is one that is humid and hot, coupled with the fact that the region lies in an area with layers of skin which traps art of your clothing.

The Cause
The Bacteria on your skin tend to break down and act on moisture and sweat that lies around your groin region which causes an unpleasant odours around that area. The groin area contains a couple of apocrine glands which secrete fluids that continually mix with sweat to produce unpleasant scents and odours.

Chances are you’ve never been able to smell yourself down there to know that you smell unpleasant or even heard any of your female companions complain about it. Still it doesn’t mean that you don’t have unsightly smells lurked underneath your underwear. The odours down there will likely turn your partner off giving you a blow job which would likely portray you in bad light in the presence of your partner.

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Here, are some tips that can help you prevent and remove unpleasant odours down there.

Consider Shaving
The hair in your pubic areas trap moisture and odours thereby making it difficult for the skin around that area to stay dry. It is not necessary to shave off your pubic hair completely as just trimming the edges of the hair is enough to eradicate the unpleasant odours.

Wash The Area Well
Failing to wash off all the junk that accumulate around your penis area especially those that accumulate in the folds of skin in the groin region would surely have you smelling like a soakaway pit. Paying attention to the details of washing is very important. Wiping soap around the area is not enough to remove the odour, apply some pressure as this will remove any dirt lying in the folds and crevices around the area. Using antiseptic and medicated soaps have an added advantage in removing scum around the area. Ensure you clean out the dirt under the foreskin if you’re uncircumcised as the area harbours a lot of dirt.

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Keep The Area Dry
It is important you keep your penis and surrounding areas dry as it is important in reducing body odour. To ensure this, completely dry out your scrotal areas completely after taking your bath or using the toilet before you dress up especially during dry seasons. Cleaning up the area completely with a towel or blow drying the area should do the trick. Also, damp towels tend to accumulate bacteria which increases the chances of you having odours around that area. As such, ensure that you use dry and clean towels every time you’re done taking your bath.

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More so, use cotton underwear that allow your scrotal areas breath. This helps keep that area odour-free. You may also want to consider using underarm deodorants and roll ons between your groin and the underside of your scrotum. This helps to keep the unpleasant odours in check.