The important first moments in every relationship


From the moment of the first kiss, to the first big fight and the make up sex, here are the important ‘firsts’ that shape every new relationship…

*The first date

That exciting moment when you finally get them to say yes to a date. And y’all get to be together for the first time. So cool.

Besides, if everything goes smoothly and you are together for a long time, this is a memory that will be shared over and over again.

*That moment you pause, right before your first kiss

You remember that moment of uncertainty when you do not know whether to go in, or stay back. So you bend your head and pucker your lips… thankfully tey met your lips and it was all fine. Yaaay!

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*The first time you have sex

This is the moment when all your fantasies and imaginations of what they look like without their shirt cease.

*The first time you say ‘I love you’

You were overcome with so much emotion that you did not know when you blurted this out, and then yu wonder if you had prematurely said it or not.

So you wait and hold your breath, till they smile right back into your face and say they love you too.

[All that’s left is for someone to play Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’ to complete the moment]

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*You keep a second toothbrush at their apartment

This is the moment that establishes that the closeness is becoming so deep. More and more nights are being spent together such that having that toothbrush there is just totally ideal.

*First time you wake up beside them

You know, when you just stare at them early in the morning, see how beautiful they are without makeup, and realise how lucky you are to have them.

*When you laid in bed together, doing nothing

You know those moments when all you want to do is have them there with you. You do not touch, or cuddle or any other sexual thing, but you want to just have them there.

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*Your first big fight

This might not seem like this should be labeled a “best moment.” But it’s fights like these that make you realize you really want to try to make this relationship work.

Plus there’s also going to be that makeup sex, right?

*When both faced a tough time together for the first time…

Maybe you failed an exam, maybe you lost your job, or had to undergo a surgery… It might not have been that easy if you did not have them.