Things you should know about Relationship

Here are some hidden secret and facts you should know about relationship, so many people are dating but they don’t know this things and they end up making a big mistake in Life so here are some things you should know in order to build up a stronger and happier relationship.

Gifts are important : Always Give out flowers and other gifts to your partner because it fosters the relationship and adds value to the relationship.

The Chase is Fun but only at first: Playing hard to get in the beginning will help with the guys who are serious, anyone who is not really serious will not pursue you over a long period of time but the good guy that stick around might be genuine but don’t always rely on this because you might chase away the good people while doing this.

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Don’t Always monitor your partner : Some people do monitor their soul mates alot and at times it gets boring and the partner start feeling bad ,it do reduce the trust worthiness so Please don’t always monitor your partner ,let him or her feel safe with you.