VIDEO: Mother Watches as her 6 Months Old Baby Struggled to Swim


Internet users have gone on rampage following the release of a video which shows a baby struggling to swim on her own while her mum looks on without helping.

The daring video shows the 6-month-old baby from Florida struggling to swim on her own while her mum watches without making a move to help.

The release of the two-minute video, uploaded to Facebook by user Dov, shows the baby girl in a yellow dress being lure into the pool.

The unsuspecting toddler who had been on a set of stair, plunges into the water beyond the stairs, going in head first, but receives no help from the adults around.

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The adults are seen watching her struggle until she ends up floating on her back.

The video posted on Monday, May 9, 2016, has now garnered 700,000 views and still counting, attracting both anger and praise online.

Watch a video of six-month-olds learning to swim below:

Source: Pulseng