We’re closing in on Boko Haram – FG

Inspite of the spike in attacks by the violent Boko Haram
sect in the North-East, the Federal Government has said
it is winning the terrorism war.
The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs, Amb. Bulus Lolo, told journalists on Saturday in
Abuja that President Muhammad Buhari has mapped
out a regional security strategy in collaboration with
Chad, Niger and Cameroun to end Boko Haram attacks.
According to him, Buhari’s recent visit to Chad, Niger
and Cameroun was to strategise, not only on military
option, but to explore other measures that could be
adopted to address the fundamental causes of the
insurgency in order to find a final solution to the
“So the governments of these countries have agreed that
they will meet military option with economic, social and
supportive measures that will also bring succour to the
people. With the strategies being put in place, the war
against terrorism will be won soon because we are
closing in on Boko Haram,” Lolo stated.
He said the President’s visits to Germany and South
Africa for the G7 and the African Union Summits
respectively were fruitful in the sense that it provided
Nigeria with a wider initiative to resolve some of the
challenges confronting it.
Lolo explained the President’s resolve to tackle
corruption and unemployment, which, he said, are
linked to insecurity, adding that Buhari’s commitment to
the war against corruption was well articulated.
He stressed that the international community perceived
Buhari as having the credentials for “scrupulous honesty
and the pedigree as an incorruptible leader,” noting that
it is an endorsement that Nigerians should be proud of
and a sign of hope that the nation has stepped forward
again under the Buhari administration.
The Permanent Secretary, while fielding questions from
reporters, noted that economic diplomacy remains the
cardinal objective of the government, stressing that the
government would bring the enormous expertise in the
country to bear as well as mobilise both human and
financial resources to make sure that the foreign policy
objective of Nigeria is realised by the present
He noted that it is under the economic diplomacy that
Nigeria can premise its foreign policy as well as
crystallise its domestic policy for development, pointing
out that Nigeria cannot change the fundamental
principles of its foreign policy.