Why do women love Rihana ?

On Friday, June 16, 2017, human hype machine and positivity teddy bear DJ Khaled released a brand new single.

The new song titled ‘Wild Thoughts’ featuring 90’s R&B revivalist Bryson Tiller and the Queen of carnal pop Rihanna. The song which samples Carlos Santana’s classic single ‘Maria Maria’ was an instant smash on social media.
DJ Khaled is in his full meme glory in the video as he tries his best salsa moves on screen. Bryson Tiller delivers a cold and sensual verse which is the best musical offering on the track. However, as expected it, it was Rihanna who stole the limelight.
Sultry as ever, Riri is an epitome of lust as she jiggles her B-cup breasts sans a bra. She is red hot in a colourful, flowery dress that screams easy access!

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Bryson Tiller might have had the best verse but Rihanna stole the scene. Gifs of the Caribbean beauty popped up soon enough as Naija babes declared their love for the Bajan queen.  Some of the tweets would make you question some of the sexuality of the authors.
Why do women love Rihanna, worship her every move and drool all over her photos? Riri represents the unhinged confidence and sexuality of today’s woman. She’s bad ass, rude, real and a straight up bad bitch.
You adore what you want to be and many women want to be Rihanna. The Nigerian society can be a tad bit oppressive for the average woman. Individuality, sexuality and rebellion against patriarchal standards are not embraced. For many women here, they live through Rihanna’s life of supreme femdom.
Rihanna is king, scratch that, she is king and no man can tell her anything. She is her own boss and lives life according to her own rules. Sometimes I suspect she doesn’t have any rules, she lives life care free and doesn’t care much about tomorrow.
Women cheer for Riri because she gives them the courage to be who they want to be, who they dream about becoming. Rihanna’s bad assery gives them permission to kick ass.
While Rihanna is undoubtedly a symbol of strength, we cannot rule out that she is a phoenix from the ashes. The way and manner she bounced back from her disastrous relationship with Chris Brown is the stuff of goddesses.

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Riri is everything your #WCW hopes to be, a woman who does away with societal expectations.