Why Some Nigerian Secondary Schools Mandate Girls To Cut Their Hair


As expected, school girls have to do
something with their hair, either to
braid or to cut.

However, there are some schools
where girls aren’t allowed to braid
their hair, there’s only a single
hairstyle and it’s called “lowcut”.

Ever wondered why? Let’s check
out these few reasons I have below :

1. Uniformity – Apart form school
wears which regulate the
appearance of the students, it
would make sense if the students’
hair is also regulated and kept in
the simplest way (lowcut).Thus,
enhancing the students’ uniformity.

2. Time management – The time
female students spend in making
their hair which would be done
every week could be used for
something more productive and
helpful in their academics instead
of spending some hours going
through the pain of making hair.

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3. Belief – Some schools believe
that making students go through the
pain of making hair every week is
an unnecessary suffering so they
insist girls must cut their hair.

4. Economic reasons – Looking at
the cost of making hair every week,
it’s quite expensive after paying
school fees, buying textbooks,
etc.Schools mandate girls must cut
their hair to keep cost of
maintenance down.

5. Control – The school mandating
girls to cut their hair is another
means of control over their
students, apart from other things
they have control over.

So, there are my humble reasons,
on Why Some Nigerian Secondary
Schools Mandate Girls Must Cut
Their Hair.

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