Why You Can Never Be An A-Rated Artist. (Part 1) – By WF DePROF | @iam_deprof

Why You Can Never Be An A-Rated Artist. (Part 1) – By WF DePROF

The Numbers of Fast Rising Artiste on The Street are So Much This days that you wonder if making music is so much what they Love.

Most of This Fast Rising Artiste Tend to don’t know what it takes to be Rated an A-list, and even those who know are not Ready to Take the Steps.

I will be Discussing Few Reasons Why A-list Artistes are Rare.


Most Artistes of This Day are lacking behing when it comes to being consistent.

While enjoying the fame that comes with the successful release of a Single, they would relent in working on a New Single.

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This Makes it Difficult in Being Listed as an A-list Artiste.


Most Fast Rising Artiste do not have and are not ready to possess the required experience in creating a unique musical piece.

Just Because They Know One or Two Producers or Getting their Hands on Free Instrumentals they Think they know it all.


Higher Percentage of Fast Rising Artistes in are not ready to listen to advice from people with more experience in the Entertainment Industry.

They Think They know it all and are not ready to take to correction.

Will Put Down the Pen Here for This Week, Join Me Here Next Week For The Concluding Part.

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