Workouts for Relieving Shoulder Pain

Workouts for Relieving Shoulder Pain

Workouts for Relieving Shoulder Pain

The shoulders are vital joints since they are involved in most arm movements. Therefore, when something goes wrong with the shoulders, it will hinder the ability for one to move freely and may cause distress and pain. Some of the significant causes of shoulder discomfort are dislocations, strains from overstretching, upper-arm fractures or damaged nerves.

It is recommended to exercise your shoulders and the whole body in general to relieve the pain. While still at it, you can include performance enhancement drugs to help complement your training routine. Nonetheless, when purchasing the drugs, ensure to look out for legit vendors such as muscle fax to avoid buying fakes.
Should the pain still persist, it is wise to seek medical help.

Below we take a look at some workouts that will reduce the discomfort in your shoulders.

Chest Expansion

This exercise is also known as the cow-face pose. It is done by placing a towel behind your back and while upright tightly hold the towel at the ends with both hands. Then, bring the shoulder bones close to each other and to create a light amount of tension. To be more efficient, it is necessary to raise your chin upwards towards the roof slowly.

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The Goalpost Arms

Just as the name suggests, stand in front of a wall and allow your shoulder blades to rest at the neutral position while allowing your biceps to come into contact with the wall. Without changing the location of the biceps, turn the right arm upwards so that the back of the right hand touches the wall. Gently twist the right arm up and the left arm down. Maintain your arms at ninety degrees all throughout the exercise.

Stretching Your Arms Across Your Chest

This workout is quite simple. Hold your left hand in front while keeping it close to the waist. Then, try to reach your right arm behind the elbow. Gently pull your left arm towards the right across the chest. The main objective of this exercise is to gently stretch your left hand across your chest until the pain disappears. If you should still experience the pain by any chance, you are required to lower your arm gently until the pain goes away. Do likewise with your right arm and repeat a similar number of reps as you had with your left.

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Standing Wall Stretch

It requires you to place your hands on the wall so that they are at a right angle with your body. Take a few steps back until arms are straight. Ensure that you are not pushing the wall and your head is in between your biceps. Note that there should be zero contact between the neck and the shoulder blades. Hold for around 2 to 3 minutes.

Seated Twist

Find a chair and then sit straight up with your knees put together. Bend your neck and limbs as you place your left arm on the outside of your right thigh. Then, gently relax your shoulders as you look towards your right side while pushing on your right leg. Repeat with your opposite side while taking deep breaths for about 10 seconds.