Your Military Cannot Defeat Boko Haram – UK High Commissioner Tells Nigeria

According to the outgoing British High
Commissioner to Nigeria, Andrew Pocock, the Boko Haram insurgency in North-east Nigeria cannot be resolved by the security agencies only.

Speaking at a farewell interactive session with newsmen in Kaduna on Monday, Mr. Pocock said: “We don’t look at the problem in the Northeast as purely a security problem.

It is not something that can be resolved with the use of the army of the police or the security agencies only. It is not going to be solvable.

“There has to be three different things; the first is a properly articulated security efforts. The second is that, there has to be a different kind of politics in the Northeast, where state
and Federal Government work together instead of against each other and where there is a much more common and agreed agenda about what needs to be done to correct many years of mis-governance and of poor policy in the

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“The third dimension has to be a
developmental and economic uplift agenda. Too many, particularly young people are not only without employment in the North-east but because of the insurgency are without any economic prospect whatsoever. No one can live
without hope and indeed if the economic and the developmental aspect of these are not addressed, the opportunities for radicalization are much greater. So, those three things have to work in tandem, the security instrument, politics and development/economic approach

He however stated that with the new government of President Muhammadu Buhari, people are looking to a chance to get out of the security situation in the North-east, adding that, in the overall, there is greater possibility of stability and economic success, economic recovery perhaps than they might have been before the election.