No fewer than 39 poeple were on Saturday arrested in various parts of Ondo State for violating environmental laws.

Most of the offenders were arrested in Akure metropolis during the April edition of the monthly sanitation exercise.

According to the General Manager, Ondo State Waste Management Authority, ODSWMA, Mrs Ayo Adeyemo, who disclosed this, each of the environmental offenders was given appropriate fines based on the severity of the offence committed.

While appealing to residents across the state on the need to make cleanliness of their environment a daily affair in order to ward off all forms of diseases, the General Manager said anyone caught violating environmental laws in the state would be appropriately sanctioned.

During the monitoring of the exercise, areas where the sanitation officers visited included Oyemekun road, Oja Oba, Adegbola, Ilesha Motor Park/business centre, among others.

At the Ilesha motor park, Adeyemo, urged the leadership of the park to obtain licensed waste containers in order to keep their environment clean at all times and avoid indiscriminate garbage dumping.

As the rainy season approached, she also exhorted other traders working within the premises and in other parts of the state to keep cleanliness as their watchword and refrain from any unhealthy practices.

“This period is very sensitive because it is a rainy season. So, people should not be encouraged to dispose of their refuse indiscriminately, or litter the environment. We should not dump our waste into drainages. Drainages are meant for free flow of water.

“And by the time we dump our waste into drainages we expect the drainage system to be filled up, and you know this can lead to flooding. We pray nobody will be a victim of flooding,” she said.

39 persons nabbed for flouting environmental laws in Ondo