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5 Things You Must Do To Have And Maintain A Flat Tummy

5 Things You Must Do To Have And Maintain A Flat Tummy

A flat tummy is highly deireable by both men and women, especially we young ladies, so that we can waer skimpy gowns and look the perfect figure.

We take a lot of herbs and mixtures to burn belly fat, one mistake we make is that we don’t carry out adjustment in our lifestyle in respect to food.

Yes, lifestyle modifications/ Change of your eating habit is one of the key ways of getting a flat tummy.

Here are five things you need to do, they involve and require discipline but once you practice them constantly, the flat tummy and desired shape you need is certain.

These five things are:

1 Eating Time:

Once you master this habit you have gotten 50% success in your journey to attaining a flat tummy.

You should not eat once it is Six P.M..yes, by 6pm in the evening all meals for the day should be over.

If you get hungry by anytime past 6pm you take water to suppress it.

2. Quantity of meals:

We make the mistake of eating large quantities at a go, it has a very negative effect on your tummy size,

You can eat large quantities of food but you have to break the quantity into bit, eat small meal at a time, have a small plate you use to measure your meal. Scoop eat, after a while you scoop again, this way you eat well and won’t have a swollen tummy after eating.

3. Water intake:

This method of water intake helps you to get satisfied on time for those who eat a lot like me.

You dish your plate of food, and before you start eating take a cup of water, when you have eaten your plate halfway you take half cup of water, I assure you that you won’t finish that big plate of food

But note that if you are using a small plate a cup of water at the beginning is enough, then after eating you take another cup of water.

It gives you the feeling of satisfaction on time.

4. The “one plate” rule:

I call it that because it’s a rule and you must obey it no matter how sweet the meal is.

This is one difficult rule to follow especially if the plate is too small or the food is too sweet.

The rule is that ” you dish your food once, after that plate you won’t dish another plate, you will drink water and rest.”

We must note that the plate should be average/ medium sized, not too small or too big like the pot itself..lol..

5. The “three times” rule:

This is another rule that states that “you must eat only three times a day and never skip breakfast or any meal of the day”

A lot of us make the mistake of skipping meals and starving ourselves to get flat tummy, it is a wrong way that does not work and that will give you Diseases like ulcer and make you look unhealthy.

Do you know that starvation at a certain level could lead to build up of fat in your body and liver?

Please drop the mentality of skipping meals and eat healthy.

These 5 things when followed strictly will definitely give you a flat tummy and help maintain it.

It won’t be easy trying them out but remember nothing good comes easy, take each level one step at a time and don’t give up on the journey to flat tummy..we will get there…lol

Love you guys


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