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5 WWE superstars who are enemies in real life

Over the years, the WWE universe have witnessed a lot of interesting conflicts.While most of these conflicts took place on-screen in order to entertain fans and for storyline purposes, which led to a lot of great matches others caused some Superstars to become enemies in real life due to jealousy or even ego. Here’s a list of 5 who are enemies in real life.

5) Alberto Del Rio and Sin Cara

5 WWE superstars who are enemies in real life


They are both Mexican wrestlers who did not get along much with each other. When they arrived in WWE, they were against each other in several match. Del Rio made it known that he did not like Sin Cara. There may also have been a bit of envy. The biggest Alberto Del Rio/Sin Cara break off match was in 2013 match when Cara couldn’t continue after injuring his finger. It got Alberto angry that Cara could not continue the match due to the injury and he shouted at Cara right in front of the live audience. The referee had to stop Del Rio from continuing the match so that he could take care of the injured star.

4) Randy Orton and Mr Kennedy

Randy Orton and Mr. Kennedy were involved in a real-life conflict which was caused by jealousy. As a result, Mr Kennedy could have had a very successful career in WWE. This conflict started after Mr. Kennedy returned after recovering from an injury. His return lasted only one night. During a match with The Viper, he accidentally dropped Orton on his head and almost injured him.

The Apex Predator shouted at Kennedy in the locker room after the match ended and the latter was fired a few days later by the WWE. Orton even admitted that he complained to the WWE management about Kennedy’s in-ring work.

3) CM Punk and Triple H

CM Punk and Triple H were involved in a conflict both on TV and in real life. The two Superstars had egos, which made it difficult for them to come to terms with a lot of things. According to Punk, Triple H was full of negative vibes. On the other hand, The Game didn’t like the way Punk carried himself. Punk retired from wrestling after he was fired by WWE on his wedding day.

2) CM Punk and Jeff Hardy

Jeff and Punk are two opposite human beings. One leads a straight lifestyle while the other one has been arrested several times for substance abuse and public intoxication.

The two were involved in a heated conflict in WWE that looked so real. The conflict was filled with hatred and perhaps the reason why both Superstars didn’t like each other in real life.

1) Goldberg and Triple H

5 WWE superstars who are enemies in real life

Goldberg hated Triple H’s nerve, and expressed that hatred publicly on many occasions. They both had conflicts for a long time, which was cooled down a little after Goldberg returned to WWE in 2016. Also, they nearly fought in an airport years ago and Triple H stated that Goldberg had no respect or passion for the wrestling business and he is not a Hall of Fame worthy competitor. Despite their conflict, Goldberg returned to WWE in 2016 and he was inducted into the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame.

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