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Are Lily James & Chris Evans Dating? She Won’t Confirm Or Deny – Hollywood Life

Lily James opened up about everything from her career, to life in her thirties and more in a new interview. But one thing she wouldn’t discuss? Her rumored relationship with Chris Evans.

Lily James isn’t interested in speaking about her love life. During a sprawling interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK, the British actress, 31, reportedly refused to “discuss whether or not she is dating the Captain America star Chris Evans,” a rumor that started in July after they were spotted partying together in London. Oh — and after their night out at Mark’s Club in Mayfair, the twosome hopped into a car and headed back to Chris’ hotel together. Lily isn’t confirming that she and Chris had a thing… but she’s not denying it, either.

Lily James strikes a pose on the red carpet at the Rare Beasts premiere, 10/10/19 (AP)

But the Cinderella star did offer her younger self some dating advice in the interview. Essentially, she wants past Lily not to lose sleep over her love life! “Don’t be obsessed by boys! Hang out with your girl mates. And don’t take everything so seriously – be kind to yourself,” she wisely said. Her thirties are a different story, though. While she’s not as boy crazy as she was in her teens and twenties, present day Lily still “searching” for who she is.

Chris Evans smolders on the red carpet at the Knives Out premiere, 11/10/19 (AP)

“Lots of girlfriends said to me, ‘Oh, you feel so much relief in your thirties, you know who you are.’ I thought I was there, but then realized I’m actually not,” she told the magazine. “I think I’ll probably always be quite a ‘searching’ person… I can’t picture getting to a point where I’ll feel like, ‘Oh, I’ve grown.’ I still feel like a child.” The Rebecca actress is ready for what lies ahead, though. “I do feel a fighting spirit,” she said. “There’s an energy. I’m ready to go.”

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